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A $35 fee must accompany every enrollment application submitted for the program in order to be fully enrolled and/or participate. The registration fee is an annual fee that all program participants must pay at orientation. This fee is non-refundable.


Once a family has been offered and accepts placement into a program, an email will be sent directing to the family to view all important documents so Namari Dance Center, preparations for orientation, and processing of registration, tuition, & deposits. All enrollment paperwork will be available via the parent portal once the family has accepted placement into the program. Students must fill out the entire form in order to enroll in Namari Dance Center. 


Namari Dance Center reserves the right to refuse enrollment, at its discretion, for any lawful reason, and may also cancel or suspend the enrollment of a student for any of the following reasons: 

  1. Non-payment returned checks for insufficient funds or excessive late payment of fees. 

  2. Not observing the rules of the Namari Dance Center.

  3. A child has special needs, which we cannot adequately meet with our current staffing and/or resources. 

  4. Uncontrollable or intolerable behavior. Physical and/or verbal abuse to staff or child, by a parent or student, including bullying, fighting, and the use of profane language.

  5. Excessive absences; excessive tardiness

  6. Missing mandatory orientation, mandatory meetings, and mandatory rehearsals. 

  7. Repeated failure to complete assignments and/or follow instructions.

  8. Any other lawful reasons for which is determined by the Namari Dance Center staff. 


Upon acceptance or re-enrollment, families are required to pay a non-refundable deposit in the amount equal to one month's tuition for each student enrolling in order to secure the student(s) spot for the upcoming season. 

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