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Submission Instructions


Video  Submissions auditions will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis pending availability in our Summer Intensives. There is a $15 fee for video submissions to summer intensive auditions.


Barre Exercises:

Film barre work from a side (slightly front) angle. Position the camera as close as possible but ensure that that your entire body is fully visible from head to toe for both barre and center work. 

all should be simple combinations

  • Two demi-pliés and one grand plié in first, second, fourth and fifth positions (one side)

  • Tendu (both sides)

  • Frappé (both sides)

  • Piqué (both sides)

  • Rond de Jambe (à terre & en l'air) (both sides) 

  • Développé (both sides)

  • Grand Battement (both sides)

Center Exercises:

For all ages unless otherwise noted. (Where applicable, please include combinations that demonstrate both sides)

Note: use the applicant's age as of the video filming date to choose the appropriate exercises from the list below. 

  • Tendu Battement

  • Abbreviated Adagio (ages 10-12) - simple combination for four 8-counts

  • Adagio (13-18) - incorporate developé à la seconde and developé to arabesque 

  • Pirouettes (ages 10-12) Single pirouette Relevé Passé if pirouettes have not yet been learned 

  • Pirouettes (ages 13-18) - from fourth and fifth position, single and double

  • Sauté (in all positions)

  • Changement from 5th position

  • Assemblé

  • Jeté

If filming in a studio or a large home studio space in which the following can be safely completed, please include the following steps:

  • 10-12 year olds: Brief Waltz across the floor (two 6-counts)

  • 13-18 years olds: Glissade assemble 

  • 13-18 years olds: A step going across the floor with either tour jeté or cabriole. 

  • Boys ages 12-13: Big Jump or single tour en l'air

  • Boys ages 14-18: Entrechat six and tour en l'air (single or double)

Contemporary Ballet Choreography 

  • Film a 1 minute video of yourself doing choreography ​where your unique artistry shines. (ballet is required)


Please read these instructions carefully to ensure your audition is complete. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. We are asking for all audition videos to be submitted through private links to online video websites. There are several options available, including YouTube, Shutterfly, and Vimeo. Please note that we cannot accept videos that require downloading.

How to audition by E-MAIL: This is our preferred method of audition. 

  1. COMPLETE online Video Audition Registration Form via our website here

  2. EMAIL an active link to your online video (requirements noted below) to Summer Programs.

  3. ATTACH 2 photographs to the email: tendu a la second & first arabesque 

  4. INCLUDE dance resume, if applicable

  5. INCLUDE Full Name and "VIDEO" in the subject line (ex: SALLY WALKER - VIDEO)

* Please note that auditions will not be reviewed until payment is received and processed. 

** Audition results will be emailed beginning of February 14th, 2022

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