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Its of the utmost importance that each dancer and parent read and understand the competition team requirements PRIOR to making a decision to participate on a competition team. Any dancer, age 6 and up, is eligible to audition for a competition team. Younger students are able to participate with specific invitation from the studio owner or competitions team instructor. All interested students will be required to audition in order to place them on the correct team and/or determine if they are ready to be a competitive dancer. Dance teams will be divided based on technique, age, ability, attitude, maturity, motivation, commitment, and strength. Please keep in mind that neither age nor friendships will be the main determination of placement. We look at the dancer's Ballet technique mostly, but we do consider other dance techniques, knowledge of dance, terminology, flexibility, musicality, performance quality, and properly executed leaps, jumps, and turns. 

for ages 7 & under

  • Student must be recommended by Instructor & Approved by Owner 

  • Must be enrolled in Training Program Level 1

for ages 8 & Up

Students must take Summer Intensive classes and audition for placement before Choreography Week each year. 

  • All dancers must turn in their audition agreement signed at least a week before choreography week begins. (specific date will be given each year)

  • Students and families MUST notify the studio that they will NOT be competing. Failure to notify of withdrawal from the competition team by Monday, July 24, 2023, will create a binding contract. 

  • All dancers are required to be in studio dress code for auditions. 

  • The previous year's attendance and the work ethic demonstrated in front of the judges will also be taken into account. 

What to Expect

  • Arrive 30 minutes before audition begins to warm up & see the audition order posted on the dance room doors. 

  • Groups will start being called in to audition for our 3 non-NDC guest judges 

  • The judges may ask to see the group perform in smaller grouping before making final decisions & scoring them. 

  • Collect score sheets at the end of the audition.


Joining the ND2 & NDJewelz Competition Team provides a much higher level of dance training as well as the opportunity to perform at competitions and get feedback from other professionals in the industry on their craft. Here's what makes NDC different. Our goals are to provide them with a place to call "second home" where they'll develop life long relationships with both piers and mentors, and to work closely with our company kids to help them become strong appropriately, independent, responsible people in society no matter where life takes them. Here are just a few of the things you'll see develop in your dancer.  


You'll never have closer friend that those you make in dance class & rehearsals. There's something about going through the experiences of getting praises and criticisms together as well as changing in  tight spaces, climbing on top of each other in choreography, lifting one another, and hanging out for long rehearsals that has been proven in studies to bond kids tighter than other activities. 

Problem Solving Skills 

Dancers know how to think on their feet. It could be a costume piece falling off, a prop falling down on stage, or just plain forgetting the steps. They have to know how to cope on the spot with so many different situations. These skills push forward into any career they choose in the future.


We spend a great amount of time stressing the importance of the team. We have good days and bad days as a team. It takes the whole team to do well or not so well. We spend time bonding as a team from our 6 year olds mixing with our 18 years old. We are 1 Company that works together. 

The Ability to Accept Criticism as well as Praise

We always praise the kids for a Jobe well done. But nothing gets better if they don't 'know to fix it. Our dancers learn to accept criticism as a good thing that leads to improvements and makes them stronger in the end. A great life skill to have in any given career choice. 

The Value of Hard Work and Dedication

Everything takes practice. Nothing is just handed to anyone in life. Dancers learn this in Company classes when it takes practice, rehearsals, and 100% all the time to get where they want to go. They'l find they want to push themselves to get that next jump or trick which will translate to a great work ethic in everything they do.


Responsibility & Discipline

Our Company rehearsals have rules and more structure than others. This helps the kids grow faster in their craft. They learn to discipline themselves to these rules and think nothing of it in no time. Along with that, we will give them responsibilities at appropriate ages that alleviate them from parents. Dancers will be responsible to be dressed correctly, have their shoes, and even begin to prepare for a performance without mom and dad's help as they get older. 


Counseling and Mentoring

Our job doesn't stop at "point your feet!" Many times, we dance instructors find ourselves taking on the roll of a therapist for teens. They love to talk to us about things, and that is what we are there for in the end. It is not unusual to take 5 to address a school problem or a boyfriend/girlfriend issue, or just have a group hug because someone had a really bad day. 


  • All dancers are required to participate in 4 competitions yearly. Competitions take place spring/summer. Competitions are mandatory - no exceptions. 
  • If dancer is unable to perform at a competitions, due to severe injury/serious illness, there will be NO refunds offered for their competition entry fees per competitions company rules. ​

Competition Fees 

  • Competitions dues are automatically drafted on the 15 of each month, for 10 months. 

  • Solos - $500.00 (does not include costume), Duos/Trios - $300.00 (per person & costume included), Small Groups - $250.00 (per dancer & costume included)

  • Repeated Solos - $200.00

Class Requirements 

  • In addition to the dancer's competitive subjects (jazz, contemporary, modern, musical theatre) all Company Dancers are required to take all pre-selected classes that NDC Directors selects.

Additional Required Performances

  • The Holiday Spectacular 

  • Competition Team Showcase

  • Annual Curtain Call (end of the year recital)

  • Other community performances that may come up during the season


  • Required to do 1 per year for Junior, Teen & Senior Competitive dancers 

  • Opportunity to learn something new from different instructors

  • Opportunity to win scholarships and other awards

Attendance to Class and Competitions

  • Students are expected to set the example for our recreational dancers

  • Dancers must wear required colored leotard for their placement level. 

  • Hair MUST be pulled back into a neat ballet bun for all classes and rehearsals.

  • Dancers should always have proper shoes for each class

Competitive dancers are expected to be an example for all other students to follow by setting the standard for them to follow. If students break dress code, the parents will be notified so they can help us keep everyone in proper attire.

Classroom & Event Behavior

  • Attend class ready to work 

  • Socialize before and after class only 

  • Always be respectful to their instructors. Instructors will alert the parents if any issues persist that aren't manageable in class. 

  • Dancers should always be kind to one another as well as other dance teams at competitions. 

  • Dancers should follow their competitions etiquette rules handed out at all times 

  • NDC have a zero tolerance policy for any bullying or mean girl activity on the team. 

  • Competitive dancers should be positive representatives for the studio at all times whether in our building or in public venues. Our staff will correct any dancer that fails to do so at all times.

Parents are expected to follow: 

  • Work together as a team 

  • Gossip is strictly forbidden

  • Displaying good sportsmanship at all times to everyone 

  • Keeping positive attitudes regardless of awards

  • Showing team spirit by wearing NDC apparel at awards 

  • ALWAYS respecting NDC staff and other adults in charge 

If problem persists, the dancer will be removed from our competitive program. 

Maintaining Competitive Dancer Status and The "Everyone Gets a Trophy Syndrome"

We do not operate under, nor do we promote the "everyone gets a trophy" standard. This does not mean that a group cannot have dancers with different strengths in it We frequently have groups with some who are better at jumping, others who are more flexible, and some who are better turners amongst the class. They'll all blend together beautifully. But it also means that every group member must work hard to maintain their spot on the team, and if they don't , they could lost it. 

If, at any time during the year, an instructor fees that a student is not keeping up with the rest of class (whether it be falling behind in technique, failing to practice choreography, attendance, or behavioral issues), they have the authority to remove said student from that class. All students and parents will be notified ahead of time if they dancer is not working up to par and given a fair amount of time to change their habits assuming this is the student's desire. Sometimes students just change their mind-especially at a young age. We want them to enjoy what they're doing. If that means doing dance at the recreation level again, we want to move them there so they will still love dance. 

Parents Responsibilities 

Competitive dancer requires a positive atmosphere from all involved. Cooperation between parents is expected at all times. Please show respect for our teaching staff, the other parents, and all of our dancers, as well as, our competitors. A positive and enthusiastic out look extend to your child. Negative comments and feedback can be harmful to the progress and education of our students, and will not be tolerated. 

  • Parents must support all competitive dancers and make sure their kids support each other. We do not condone unhealthy rivalry between our own dancers or jealousy amongst our parents. 

  • All competitive parents must volunteer for 1 recital at the end of the year. They are also expected to sit and enjoy the other recital each year. 

  • Competitive parents are also expected to set an example for other parents just as competitive dancers set the example for other dancers. This means stepping up and volunteering other times we need help throughout the year if you're available, being our spoke's person if other parents are being negative about something, or simply following studio policy. 

  • Four our younger dancers, parents should encourage and remind dancers to practice at home regularly and extra whenever necessary. 

  • Parents must learn to trust us as the dancer professionals with ALL things dance just as you trust your doctor with all things medical. Please do not offer dance corrections to your child or anyone else's child. Let the instructors handle that and be the cheerleader we need you to be for our dancers. 

  • Parents agree to put in the extra time when needed by driving their students to and from extra practices, performances, and activities. 

  • Parents must keep their accounts up to date with auto pay information. 

  • Parents are NEVER to contact competition directly unless Mr. Antwan has given specific instructions to do so. All necessary communication happens studio owner to competitions. 

  • Be kind and say positive things to ALL DANCERS FROMM ALL STUDIOS at competitions. It makes a huge difference to any kid. 

  • Please clean up after yourselves and teach your children to do the same both in our studio and at events. It shows great disrespect to throw trash around and leave it there. We don't want to be "that studio."

  • No "DANCE MOMS" allowed. Constant complaining or negativity towards the studio or its instructors will get your child removed from the program. 

  • If what you're about to say isn't nice, don't say anything at all. We don't building up our own kid by tearing someone else's down. 

  • If there is a misunderstanding and feelings are hurt between your student and an instructor, go immediately to the front desk representative to schedule a meeting with a director to talk it out. DO NOT discuss with other parents. 

  • It is not acceptable to gossip about others in our out of the studio. Mr. Antwan is usually right here listening without being noticed. He'll find out, so do not do it. 

  • It's never okay to post negative comments about our studio, our dancers, or other studio's dancers on social media

  • ACCOUNT QUESTIONS: contact Mr. Shervoski -

  • GENERAL STUDIO QUESTIONS: email the studio -


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