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Presenting The Gift Scholarship Program at Namari Dance Center – a beacon of opportunity for those whose dance dreams are entwined with financial constraints. "Experience the Difference" with this heartfelt initiative, embodying Namari Dance Center's commitment to gifting a helping hand to those in need, echoing the founders' own journey to success. Antwan Sessions and Shervoski Moreland, the visionary minds behind Namari, understand the transformative power of dance and are devoted to bestowing forward the support that once propelled them.

The Gift Scholarship Program is a testament to Namari's belief that everyone merits a chance to pursue artistic aspirations. Crafted for aspiring dancers whose means may not cover training costs, this program unveils a path to dreams that may have otherwise remained elusive. Aligned in their passion to nurture talent, Namari Dance Center endeavors to cultivate potential and offer a stage for individuals to dazzle.

Eligibility for The Gift Scholarship Program rests upon criteria mirroring dedication and enthusiasm. A genuine passion for dance and a resolute drive for excellence are sought-after qualities, underpinned by genuine financial constraints. By dismantling this barrier, the program ushers in a realm of opportunities.

  • Age Range: Aspiring talents aged 6 to 18 can embark on this transformative journey during their formative years.

  • Academic Excellence: Candidates are encouraged to excel academically, emblematic of holistic growth.

  • Metro Atlanta Residence: Open to Metro Atlanta residents, fostering community among local dancers.

  • Passion for Learning: Eligible individuals should harbor an eagerness to master the art of dance.

  • Demonstrated Financial Need: Applicants' parents or guardians provide evidence of financial constraints.

Through The Gift Scholarship Program, dancers will seize enriching opportunities reflecting Namari Dance Center's commitment to growth:

  • Showcase Performances: Participants grace the stage in two spectacular productions by Namari Dance Center.

  • Community Outreach: Dancers use art for local outreach performances, making a positive impact.

  • Elite Training: Scholarship recipients receive top-tier training from Namari Dance Center's elite instructors.

  • College and Career Preparation: For juniors and seniors, guidance and support for dance careers are provided.

  • Exclusive Opportunities: The program opens doors to Namari's exclusive offerings.

Namari Dance Center's The Gift Scholarship Program encapsulates inclusivity, growth, and empowerment, enabling dancers to surmount obstacles and explore dance's transformative realm. By embracing the program, dancers not only gain exceptional training but also join the Namari family, where they can truly "Experience the Difference."

2023/2024 Audition

Saturday, August 26th, 2023 

4:00 PM

7730 Roswell Rd. STE 103
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

"Embrace a gift of transformation, where your dance potential comes alive, and your dreams gracefully take the stage."

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