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Students may audition or even be selected to join our Academy. It's an intense program designed for students who wish to pursue careers in professional dance. With up to five hours of required daily classes (depending on the level), Academy students practice classical and contemporary ballet, pointe, modern, and jazz.  Academy classes are offered at the Individual Study Program, Training Program, and Conservatory.

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Are you home-schooled or enrolled in the Hybrid program at your local high school? If so, this program is designed especially for you. With 8 hours of training a week, this program allows you to continue to train during the day. Classes start at 9:30 AM and end at 1:30 PM on Monday and Fridays only. This program allows you to participate in our annual Curtain Call Production. A audition is not required to join. 


Our Individual Study Program is designed for dancers who are looking to study dance for fun! Dancers in this program have the ability to study, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop Dance. Each class is sold separating and you're able to cancel your membership at anytime! Registration is open to all students from 3 -18 years old


Invitation or Audition Only 

Our Training Program offers intensive technical training to develop and strengthen posture, placement, flexibility, balance, coordination, and rhythm. Students study Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Namari Technique, and more. The Training Program students participant in workshops, classes, rehearsals, visiting artists, community outreach performances, annual recitals, special events, and etc. Registration is open to all students from 5-18 years old. 



Invitation or Audition Only 

Designed for the serious dancers who are looking for a to have a professional dance career in the concert dance. This serious, uplifting, high energy program is created to sculpt you into the dancer you're destined to become. With 20+ hours of training a week in.

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