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Izzy Spiegelman - Former Competition Team Member

Izzy Spiegelman 2019 - 2020 Company Member

At Sessions Dance Theatre, we believe in fostering a healthy and supportive dance environment that encourages dancers to grow and reach their full potential. Our experienced and dedicated instructors provide personalized  attention and feedback to each dancer, helping them develop their skills and technique while also fostering a love for dance. In addition, we prioritize prevention and promote a safe and healthy approach to training. 


Throughout the program, dancers are challenged to grow and improve as performers, with a focus on developing their skills and artistry on a pre-professional level. In addition to rigorous technique training, dancers have the opportunity to participate in performances and competitions to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience. 


Overall, the Sessions Dance Theatre is a comprehensive and challenging training program that prepares dedicated and skilled dancers for a career in dance or for admission into prestigious dance schools and companies. Auditions are required to join the program, but it is open to all dancers who have the proper skill level and are committed to pursuing their passion for dance in a healthy and supportive environment.

Sessions’ Dance Theatre is the highest level of pre-professional training available at the studio, and admission to the program is by audition only. The program is open to all dancers who have the proper skill level and are dedicated to pursuing their passion for dance in a healthy and supportive environment. 


Dancers in Sessions’ Dance Theatre receive over 52 hours of training per month, with a focus on five key dance styles: ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance. Our program is designed to develop dancers with proficiency in all dance genres, ensuring that they are well-rounded and versatile performers. 


In ballet classes, dancers work on developing proper alignment, strength, and flexibility, while pointe classes teach dancers how to dance on their toes with elegance and grace. Jazz classes focus on precision and performance quality, while modern classes allow for individual interpretation and expression. Finally, contemporary dance classes fuse various styles and techniques, allowing dancers to explore different forms of movement and 



  • Provide a healthy and supportive dance training environment

  • Develop dancers with proficiency in all dance disciplines


  • Employ teachers with the passion to educate and motivate


  • Train dancers that can have a career in both commercial and concert dance mediums


  • Become known as a top training facility within the dance industry

  • Establish relationships with dance companies that will foster a feeder program


 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM 

Saturday | 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM



While combining different disciplines of Vaganova and Chacetti ballet. This class focuses on enhancing the dancer's ballet terminology and technique through executions during barre work, center floor, and across the floor exercises. Dancers will have a clear understanding of body alignment, movement quality, carriage of the upper body, and flexibility.


Pointe focuses on the foot strengthen-building program designed for pointe readiness. Students will study pointe barre work with an emphasis on the individual correction of the foot and body alignment. Dancers will also study proper techniques for the execution of more difficult steps.


Dancers will study and learn several variations ranging from solos, trios, and original ballet experts. They'll also learn original work from the directors of Namari Dance Conservatory. 


Jazz focuses on learning proper dance techniques such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and developing complex rhythms and patterns. Students will be exposed to various styles of jazz such as Broadway, Classical, Commercial, and so many more to help develop a well-rounded dancer.


Combining Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary & Modern dance technique, Namari Technique is the Artistic Director Antwan Sessions signature style of dance where he challenges dancers of all levels to use their ballet technique in other styles of dance. 


This class incorporates several foundations of modern dance technique, including suspension and release, fall and recovery, the use of momentum and connecting breath with movement.. Dancers will explore new ways of moving in combinations, floor work and partnering, and also in various methods of improvisation.


Contemporary is a dance style in itself is defined, in part, as a fusion of ballet and jazz, demanding technical skill, musicality, and an expression of emotion. A solid, ballet-based technique, proper placement and bodily alignment are essential components


This class focuses on learning how to stretch properly by releasing overall tension, releasing muscle tension, and relaxing the mind while defining specific muscle groups. This full-body conditioning includes circuit training, cardio exercise, bodyweight exercise, and fingers with core training and stretching for a complete workout. 


This class is designed to educate dancers on the history of dance and it's many different styles. George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Jerome Robbins, Ruth St. Dennis, Lester Horton, The Royal Ballet are just a few of the many choreographers and companies dancers will study. Written essays, physical and written tests are given to dancers quarterly to ensure education in dance theory. 




  • Conservatory Leotard (purchase at Namari Dance Center)

  • Solid Black Leotard

  • 1 Black Skirt & 1 White Skirt (purchase skirts now)

  • Skin tone tights (convertible)

  • Skin tone ballet shoes (split sole)


  • White shirt

  • Black tights (convertible)

  • White socks 

  • White Ballet slippers



  • All Black Dance attire (sports bras are acceptable)

  • Black shorts and/or leggings

  • Proper dance shoes for each individual style


  • Colored shirt

  • Black shorts and/or leggings

  • Proper dance shoes for each individual style


Registration Fee $35.00 per student

Ages: 8 - 18 yrs old

$485 per month


  • All students must have an active debit or credit card attached to their account.


  • Monthly tuition is charge on the 1st of every month. 

  • An additional $25 will be added to all accounts that are not paid by the 5th of each month. 

  • Cash, Checks, Cashier's Check & Money Orders are not accepted for monthly tuition.

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