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This Parent and Student Handbook establish policies, procedures, rules, and expectations for you and participants in our programs. 

This Handbook is not a contract. It does not give you any contractual rights or any other legal rights against Namari Dance Center nor does it create any obligations on our part. The policies and procedures outlined in this handbook will be applied at the discretion of Namari Dance Center. We reserve the right to deviate from the policies, procedures, rules, and expectations described in this Handbook. Furthermore, we reserve the right to withdraw, amend or change any provisions or parts of this Handbook at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice. 

We will endeavor to notify parents and students of official changes to the Handbook, but parents and students are responsible for their own up-to-date knowledge about the Handbook and its policies, procedures, rules, and expectations. You can access and read the current up-to-date Handbook on the parent portal. 

No provisions in this Handbook can be waived without written permission from our studio owner or designee, and such a waiver, if granted, applies only to the student (and respective parent) for whom the waiver was granted in the instance and for the time the waiver was granted. 

Your participation and enrollment in Namari Dance Center programs are at our complete discretion, which means that we can suspend or terminate your participation/enrollment and relationship with the Namari Dance Center at any time, for any reason, with or without cause. 

Please review this Handbook. As part of the student's enrollment, you must sign off that you acknowledge your receipt of this Handbook and affirm that you have read, understand, agree to abide by the Handbook's policies, procedures, rules, and expectations. 

Through a formal audition or evaluation process, this 11-month training program is designed for aspiring young dancers. Targeted towards dancers who are 6 to 18 years old who have a desire to pursue a career in professional dance or who participate in competitive dance. 

Namari Dance Center's Training Program are designed for children who are of varying experience levels in dance who want to learn, explore and/or further their knowledge in dance. 


Namari Dance Center Competition Teams, Performance Companies, Drop-In Class and Home-School Dance Program all benefit from a unique combination of training in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Tap; coupled with seminars in professional development and live performances.
Much of the success of the Namari Dance Center is attributed to the many people that volunteer each year to assist with services, programs, and performances offered. One of the key leaders in offering support through volunteerism is the Namari Dance Center's Parent Association (PA). Their mission is to function as a support group that will provide volunteer assistance to meet the needs of the Namari Dance Center. Assistance is provided in the areas of public awareness, fundraising, private and business sponsorships, keeping abreast of policies that affect Namari Dance Center, planning parties and receptions, and other related services that support the artistic growth of the students. Namari Dance Center welcomes you, your family and friends to make a difference through volunteer services. To learn more about volunteer opportunities for ongoing programs and upcoming events, please contact Mr. Antwan Sessions. Please see the list of volunteer opportunities for essential areas where programs, performances, and services benefit the most: 


Dance Instructor/Assistant Dance

Ticket Booth

Stage Hand

Mistress/Master of Ceremony


Parking Lot Monitor

Administrative Support

Classroom Assistant





Lighting Technician 

Music/Video Editing


Choreographer/Assistant Choreographer

Dressing Room Monitor

Sound Technician

Stage Manager 

Graphic Design




We gratefully accept private, business, and in-kind donations. Through generous donations, Namari Dance Center can help fulfill the dreams of many children who aspire to showcase their talent, hard work, and love of dance to the Metro Atlanta Community. As designated by the donor, monetary donations may go towards special projects or purchases, the funding of classes, and the purchase of dancewear and costumes for students who need assistance. We also accept in-kind donations of publications and are publicly recognized during special events and productions. All donors are listed in the "Gracious Donor" on our website and within the program yearbook for the annual dance productions and donors are announced at the end of the show. 


1. Smoking, the use of tobacco products of any kind, and open container alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the property of the Namari Dance Center. 

2. Bringing food (including chips, candy, and gum) and beverages for general consumption in our facility is prohibited unless it's water. The only exceptions are during special events in which food and beverages are served, and special programs and dance camps in which participants are given a break or lunch period. 

3. Horseplay in the public areas (lobby, hallways, theater, and restrooms) is strictly prohibited. 

4. Improper use of furniture (climbing on furniture, lying down on furniture, putting fee in the chairs, sitting on the arms of the chairs, sitting on the tables, etc.) is prohibited. 

5. Conducting unauthorized meetings and activities is prohibited. 

6. Solicitation of any kind is prohibited. 

7. Conduct that disrupts or obstructs any program or activity that is a part of the overall facility operations is also prohibited.

8. Any action, event, or group of events that constitutes a violation of federal, state, or local laws is prohibited. 

9. We encourage and support compliance with emergency and fire code procedures.

10. Obstructing hallways and walk areas. 

11. Failure to comply with lawful discretion is given by Namari Dance Center staff acting in the performance of their duties. 

12. The destruction, damage, vandalism, or theft of city property of others. Any damages to the facility, property, equipment, or other items are the responsibility of the user. Replacement or repair costs will be determined by the Namari Dance Center staff. 

13. Any lewd, obscene, or indecent conduct or expression including profanity.

14. Any action which in the judgment of staff constitutes any attempt to inflict, or the actual infliction of, or injury to other participants or staff. 


The lobby area is a place in which we conduct public business. We respectfully ask: 

1. That this area is kept quiet, clean and tidy

2. That you refrain from sitting on the floor., The Namari Dance Center staff can provide extra chairs. 

3. That you refrain from dressing your young child for dance class. This includes putting on dance shoes. Younger children can be assisted by a parent or responsible adult in the dressing rooms for changing. 

4. That if you are visiting with children under the age of 10, you closely supervise him/her during the time you are in our facility. If they are under the age of six, you may need to hold on to him/her to prevent any potential accidents he/she encounters or any actions that may cause damage or destruction to our property. 

Note: Pares are encouraged to drop off their child and return 10 minutes before class ends. While waiting for your child to finish class, we invite you to read a magazine that we can provide. Just ask a Namari Dance Center staff member. 


Tuition payments are due on the first (1st) of each month during the regular season, August through May. Tuition payments will be automatically deducted from either a checking or credit card (credit cards and/or debit cards must be attached to a bank) account established at the start of the year monthly via an online payment service. Only a full payment in advance for the school year will waive a family's requirement to submit an auto-draft account for the payment. Any payments after the fifth will incur a fifty dollar ($50) late fee to the tuition. If tuition isn't made by the 10th of the month, your child will not be allowed in class. There is no tuition refunds for unused days. No prorating or discounts on tuition for holidays, inclement weather, or program/studio related closings. 


Payments for things other than tuition (conventions fees, competitions fees, choreography, class cards, etc.) can be made in the following ways:

1. Auto drafted from the account on file. Please note: Money will only be auto-drafted with written permission from the parent on the account. 

2. Check or Money Order delivered to the Office Manager or Director. 


The Parent Portal - - is our primary source of information distribution, including parent contact information, copies of board meetings minutes, policy documents, and other documents. 

Program news and events are announced via our emailed monthly newsletter. This should be reviewed for school notices, upcoming activities, announcements, etc. There are many activities throughout the season and this is where families are informed about the events and how to participate, provide food, or volunteer. 


Namari Dance Center encourages open and honest feedback about its programming. The following guidelines apply for parent concerns: 

About the Classroom:

(Educational content, your child's development, interactions with other children, etc.)

        Talk to your child's teacher(s) first. If this does not resolve the concern, please direct your concerns to the Director. 

About the Facilities or Program:

(Curriculum or policy questions, concerns regarding your teacher, program questions)

       Please direct your concerns to the Director. 

About Parent Participation Requirements

(General Volunteer Work, etc)

       Talk to your parent lead first. If this does not resolve the concern, direct your concerns to a Director. 


Commitment starts with the dancer and the positive support and reinforcement they receive from their family. Each student's personal success, as well as their ensemble's success, will depend on each dancer's commitment and dedication to their craft personally and to their team. Namari Dance Center is not solely about the individual. We will not tolerate individual, star, or diva attitudes. Namari Dance Center believes that the student on the back row is just as important as the student on the front row. It truly takes a TEAM of dedication from students, parents, and Namari Dance Center staff to win. Parents, please discuss as a family the time, physical, and mental commitment level it will take to complete this year as a win for your child. 


Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking lots in the front of the building. Designated handicap and electric car parking are for those types of vehicles only. Note: We are not responsible for loss or damage vehicles or their contents while parked on the property. 


Everyone must enter and exit through the front of the building.



Students, families, and guests are to use the proper restroom facility. Sanitary items and paper towels are not to be disposed of in toilets. Restrooms are to be kept neat and clean. Students should remove all personal belongings when exiting the restroom is not permitted.  


Cell phone usage is only allowed in the lobby. Namari Dance Center staff has the authority to ask any person in the lobby to remove themselves if conversations are loud. 


For the safety precautions, school-age students who are waiting to be picked up may not leave the facility without being properly signed out by a parent, guardian, or designated adult. High school students who transport themselves are required to sign themselves out and notify a staff person prior to their departure.



Immediately report any suspicious activity on the grounds, in the adjacent areas, or inside the facility to a staff person.



In the event that an alert is issued, all classes will immediately cease and the participants will be led to a designated safe location inside the facility. During severe inclement weather, all classes will be canceled and participants will be asked to stay at home or be picked up if they are at the facility. Parents will need to call Namari Dance Center for information regarding canceled classes.



We are not responsible for a student's personal belongings. Students should not bring money, jewelry, or items of value inside the building. Students need to write their names in dance items (especially shoes) for easy identification in case they are lost, misplaced, or accidentally taken home by another student. We will keep items that are found in the building for up to two weeks. Afterward, items not claimed may be discarded, sold, or stored for alternative use.



Teaching staff, operating hours, classes, programs, performances, procedures, policies, schedules, meetings, appointments, fees, dancewear, and costumes are all subject to change without prior notice.


Failure to comply with our policies or to cooperate with staff may result in any of the following:

  1. A verbal reminder or verbal warning

  2. Removal/Exclusion from our facility grounds

  3. Suspension or expulsion from our facility

  4. Staff calling the Sandy Springs' Police Department

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